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Monday, 07 November 2011 10:16

The  introduction (at last!) of the Green Deal  next Autumn 2012 will put the spotlight even more firmly on energy saving for homes and businesses and could create a boom in work for installers, but it’s not going to happen until  the end of the year.  You’ll need new ideas and new products to see you through the first three quarters.  Timeguard has them all ready for you, says MD Andy Douglas.

2012 is going to be another hard year, but the good news is that the businesses that have survived the first waves of recession are the ones that have proved themselves tough and well-managed enough to make it through this period of unprecedented austerity. So count yourself among the winners.

Easier said than done when customers seem to want more for less.  The trick is to help them to recognise the total cost of ownership, not just the cost of installation.

Sounds obvious, after all, energy consumption in housing accounts for over a third of Northern Ireland’s total energy use, compared to a quarter for the UK as a whole,  and a similar proportion of its carbon emissions.  So the scope for energy saving has to be enormous, especially when there are energy saving versions of most products doing the most familiar jobs available off the shelf.

With energy prices sky-rocketing, now’s the time to sell them in to your customers. Call me a cynic, but it does rather seem that it’s not planet-saving carbon targets for 2050 that drive us, but cash savings on next quarter’s fuel bill.   So for electrical installers at least the hikes in energy bills can be seen as good news.

So what does Timeguard have that’s new, better and, of course, energy saving for you to offer in 2012?

LED floods and security lights

With the prices of LEDs becoming more reasonable, they are making more of a practical mark in outdoor lighting. Recent months have seen LED lamps being put into traditional halogen lamp housings, but Timeguard has gone the extra mile with its new NightEyes. Their design is revolutionary, packing a lot of power into a small package, with no compromise on outdoor ruggedness or weather proofing (IP44).

The LED NightEyes give instant brightness just like halogens, but they are under half the size – and use a fraction of the power. They are much lighter too handle and much easier to install.

Single and double versions are available in a choice of black and white housings, with or without integral PIR.  A single, high quality 8W LED gives illumination equivalent to 100W, while the double models, with a total of 16W consumption have output equivalent to 200W from a conventional lamp. The clever design allows for the lamp to be panned ant tilted and the versions with integral PIR detectors have detection range of 10m. A Lux level adjuster can be set to prevent these lights operating in daylight and the time for which lights stay on is also adjustable by the user.  

Timeguard’s new LED NightEyes really are the next generation of Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting.

Updates to traditional lighting designs
A modern take on traditionally-shaped PIR security lights in the Timeguard range also benefit from energy saving technology.  Benefitting from energy-saving CFL lamps, these new PIR and dusk-to-dawn lights are tough enough for commercial security lights. Yet the modern take on the design makes them equally attractive for use in domestic environments.  Conventional cylindrical and unobtrusive bulkhead designs are also available.

Single or double 20W compact fluorescent lamps offer the equivalent of 100W or 200W of lighting. All the control features you would expect from Timeguard are built in and, as an added bonus; these lights are fitted with Quick Fix spring terminals, which will be very welcome when you find yourself up a ladder.

There’s also a new PIR detector to automate existing lights with Quick Fix terminals and has the option for ceiling, wall or corner mounting, all in one product.

Making your choice of PIR detectors straightforward
Installing PIR detectors is the easiest way to automate lighting and ventilations, ensuring it switched off when not needed, and Timeguard’s new PIR detectors make your choice easy.  New ceiling, flush and wall mounted versions have all been added to the range. Time on and light level adjustment to suit specific conditions is easy and accurate, and these detectors will switch up to 1500W of lighting or a 250W fan.

The main difference you’ll  notice when you check the specification details on the box is the detection range of a full 10m (based on a mounting height of 3m).The sensitivity of these detectors means that within the core 3m of the detection  field they can be relied on for both motion and presence detection. Presence detection means that they will keep the lights or ventilation on as long as there is someone in the area, even if they are sitting at a desk typing.

All this, and a competitive price tag, adds up to PIR detectors that are ideal for virtually any job, anywhere, making tour choice simple. Full details on

Know your lamps:
Traditional: Known as Incandescent or tungsten filament or GLS (General Lighting Service) bulbs, traditional light bulbs are extremely inefficient. Only about 5% of the electricity they use is converted into visible light.

Halogen: Use a very similar technology to GLS lamps, but run at a higher temperature, making them slightly more efficient.  The ideal energy efficiency alternative to a halogen lamp is an LED , but if price is an issue or you need very high outputs these are still the answer. Do look for ones with C class or eco-bulbs using up to 30% less electricity.

Compact Fluorescents:  In CFL’s a gas inside a glass tube is charged up so that a coating on the inside of the glass tube fluoresces. CFL’s use about 20% to 25% of the electricity of an equivalent GLS lamp and are in common use for standard light fittings in a house.  Modern CFL’s do not flicker, and they can reach full light output quite quickly, though not instantly. These are used for less-intensive external security and courtesy lighting where lighting is to be on for longer periods of time.

LEDs: Light Emitting Diodes are simple solid state electronic devices that have become an effective replacement for many aspects of lighting. They are still relatively more expensive to buy, but they are definitely the most energy efficient option of all. They also have a much longer life than any other technology, so they will pay for themselves several times over before they need replacing.


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