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Delta Light Combines Functionality with Innovation in your Garden

Outdoor lifestyle is growing in importance. And outdoor lighting has a major role to play in that lifestyle. But before you go out and simply install a few spotlights in your garden, give some thought to your lighting design. Lighting specialist Delta Light® has a wide range of designs and fittings to ensure that your outdoor lighting fits in perfectly with your expectations. And one striking feature for 2012 are intense lighting effects.

Well thought-out lighting design is meant to enhance the unique character and nuances of your garden. All gardens, no matter what size, have different characteristics and will only be “lit well” if the overall picture is taken into consideration.

Lighting specialist Delta Light® once again combines functionality with atmosphere and innovation in its outdoor collection. For example, combining LED with a lens creates tightly delineated light patterns, providing an expressive and architectural touch to that surface or walking path. Some of the creative interpretations of outdoor lighting include:

The Dox LED collection from Delta Light® features three options: fixed downlight, adjustable downlight and an elegant tube with a powerful upward or downward effect. Ideal for creating instant character on your terrace or in the garden!

DOX 100 S
An elegant, timeless and functional lighting solution, ideal for a porch, above the door or over the table.

Yupi draws a pure upward and downward line of light along a wall. This sober, narrow light is available in an indoor or outdoor version. That way you can blend your interior and exterior stylishly with one another.

Flexible and subtle, elegant yet powerful, too: that’s Flip. The design draws its inspiration from nature, with the emphasis on economical energy consumption and a green design. Flip consists of a slim pedicel, crowned with a single or double adjustable head. Despite its low profile appearance Flip excels in light output and quality, thanks to the combination of 6W led array and a lens. The result is strongly delineated yet continuous light effect. Flip is available as a surface or recessed model in three heights: 150, 250 and 400 mm. Additionally, Flip Set is available with a single or double adjustable head (Flip Twin Set).

Topix L X is the new outdoor version of the well-known Topix wall fixture. This fun LED fixture has been showered with a range of awards in the Delta Light® collection. In addition to the coveted Red Dot Award, it has also received an iF product design award. Topix is a sober and elegant design that guarantees great lighting effects and allows a great deal of freedom in creating truly original compositions. For example, you can use a combination of several fixtures to produce an attractive artistic result. Or you can opt for a discreet but entertaining lighting emphasis. You can also adjust the colour of the light to suit your own taste, with warm white or cold white light. The Topix L X is available in aluminium grey or Delta Light’s own grey-brown shade.

The Ultra line from Delta Light® can now also be continued outside with Ultra Scan. This fixture, based on the principle of twin tubes, gives your outdoor design an architectural boost. Available in two heights and in Delta Light’s own grey-brown to respect the colours of nature and to merge perfectly with the landscape.

Using three warm white LEDs, Ultra Scan’s lighting effect exceeds all expectations, illuminating pathways, driveways or special features in your garden. Combined with a spike, Ultra Scan can be planted in any green surroundings and can be installed on any hard surface with the power supply box. Once installed, you can direct the light anywhere you want using the tiltable arm.

Since it was first launched, Vision has basked in praise for its impressive, tightly delineated parabolic light pattern that plays on the wall. This classic is now also available for the garden. Vision produces its powerful light effect in conjunction with a lens featuring the latest ‘LED array’ technology from Delta Light®. Its unique character has been rewarded with a Good Design Award, one of the world’s most prestigious accolades for New Product Design.

As with the interior Vision range, Vision Out is also available in a variety of versions: uplight and/or downlight, or the striking Vision RGB in which a red, green and white powerLED creates a colourful play of light on the wall. If you want to repeat the unique Vision lighting effect in your garden, the brand-new Visionair is a pole 1.80 metres high that holds the Vision unit to produce a unique play of light all around.

The Tactic ground spotlights are a firm favourite in the Delta Light® collection. These LED spots have been upgraded and now come with 2 or 4 powerLEDs to ensure an intense and powerful lighting effect. Ground spots provide the perfect supplement to any outdoor lighting design. The uplight effect enhances the architectural character of your home and can also give trees, objects or other features additional emphasis. The spots also create extra depth to your garden and indicate the right direction along paths or driveways. Tactic is watertight and shock-resistant.
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