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New Exterior Lighting Systems Guidance Published by the IET

New guidance which sets out the requirements for the procurement, implementation and management of exterior lighting systems in the UK has been published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

The IET Recommendation for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting Systems has been published following widespread consultation among technical experts. It provides support to users of exterior lighting systems, giving a basis for evaluation of technical issues and decision-making on technology adoption.

The Guide ensures good practice in defining and delivering high quality, compliant systems that meet functional and budgetary requirements. It is published alongside a Good Practice Specification Template that will provide a basis for specification of exterior lighting systems and the evaluation of supplier offers for suitable solutions.

Published on 27 August, the Guide will be of interest to those working on applications to outdoor work areas, roads, footways and cycle path lighting, security, architectural and amenity lighting where ever changing technologies offer improvements in energy efficiency, product lifetime and adaptive lighting.

Ben Papé, Chair of the IET Exterior Lighting Systems Working Group, which oversaw the production of the exterior lighting systems guidance, said: “Exterior lighting is something which affects everyone, especially with winter approaching, so clear guidelines are essential when it comes to providing and using these systems. With the ever changing technologies we now have, it can often be confusing when installing new or replacement exterior lighting. This Guide aims to provide clarity and support to users.”

The Guide is supported by an online Good Practice Specification Template which provides a basis for specification of exterior lighting systems and the evaluation of supplier offers for suitable solutions. This template is designed to be used to set out and assess criteria so that alternative offers and lighting solutions can be assessed on a like-for-like basis.

The Guide also emphasises links with the Street Lighting Toolkit as developed by the Scottish Futures Trust, which is being promoted for use in England by Local Partnerships, funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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