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Steinel Adds to its Range of Powerful, Energy-saving LED Floodlights

As part of its well-established XLed range of LED floodlights, lighting expert, Steinel (UK) Ltd, is launching the XLed Home floodlight, which combines ultra-bright illumination with energy-saving LED lamps.

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Sports Lighting and Common Misconceptions

Enfield Town FC2 FloodlightingIn today’s modern society we take light and the design of lighting for granted. We walk into our homes and at the flick of a switch we instantly feel secure and comfortable. The same can be said with the outdoor environment, light is being used to make us feel at ease after dark. We now have a 24 hour a day life style with supermarkets and entertainment venues open throughout the night.

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Delta Light Combines Functionality with Innovation in your Garden

Outdoor lifestyle is growing in importance. And outdoor lighting has a major role to play in that lifestyle. But before you go out and simply install a few spotlights in your garden, give some thought to your lighting design. Lighting specialist Delta Light® has a wide range of designs and fittings to ensure that your outdoor lighting fits in perfectly with your expectations. And one striking feature for 2012 are intense lighting effects.

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