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Warwickshire Council to Switch-off 39,000 Street Lights

Warwickshire County Council are changing there street lighting policy. A decision was made to operate approximately 80% of County Council owned street lights on a part night basis. This will mean approximately 39,000 street lights will switch off between the hours of midnight and 5.30am.

The Council currently spend approximately £2.2 million on electricity for street lighting. It is anticipated that operating the lights on a part night basis will save approximately £500,000.

Reduce carbon emissions
It is estimated that we will reduce Warwickshire County Council’s carbon emissions by 3,000 tonnes.

Reduce light pollution
In addition to saving money and reducing carbon emissions, ‘sky glow’ or light pollution will be significantly reduced.

Not all street lights will be affected by the changes. After consultation with the Police, Road Safety and Community Safety certain locations have been identified where we will not be operating part night lighting, these are:

•    Where there are potential hazards on the highway such as roundabouts, traffic signal controlled junctions, central carriageway islands, traffic calming features, road humps etc.
•    At formal pedestrian crossings (Zebra, Pelican, Puffin, Toucan and Pegasus).
•    Areas covered by permanent Local Authority/Police CCTV cameras.
•    Areas adjacent to elderly people care homes, sheltered accommodation complex’s and A&E departments.
•    Lighting adjacent to operational taxi ranks.
•    Lighting on public footpaths, alleyways and cycle paths which are located away from roads.

When are they doing this?
The changes to lighting will be happening across the County starting on 1st December 2012. The changes will be happening in District/Borough areas on the following dates -

1st December 2012 - Warwick
1st February 2013 - Nuneaton and Bedworth
1st February 2013 - Rugby
1st April 2013 - Stratford
1st April 2013 - North Warwickshire

Parish, town, district or borough council owned lighting will not be affected by Warwickshire County Council's changes.

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