Verbatim’s Vx-filter Technology Enriches Lighting Spectrum To Render Objects With Exact Colours

colour space chartUsing proprietary technology from its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim introduces an innovative filter designed for use with its track lights, and GU10 and MR16 lamps to simultaneously boost the colour rendering index (CRI) and vividness of colours perceived.

Verbatim’s Vx-filter delivers precise changes to the spectral distribution curve of existing LED products to ensure that colours and finer details of objects appear as they would be perceived in natural daylight. This improvement in colour fidelity and vividness is a solution that is particularly useful for retailers, museums and hospitality venues in spaces where small differences in colour hues, tints and textures can have a significant impact.

ra82 graphVx-filter technology allows Verbatim customers the versatility to buy products for an installation knowing that they can be tuned to meet requirements at a later stage.  Usually, customers must decide between selecting high efficacy or high CRI retrofit LED products but this new accessory can make both options available.

Made from a bio-based engineering plastic called DURABIO™ developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, the Vx-filter has excellent optical properties such as high transparency and superb light transmission. With an exceptional lifetime of 50,000 hours, the accessory also features high heat and excellent scratch and UV resistance.

“Filters usually filter out something that is unwanted. The Vx-filter technology developed by Mitsubishi Chemical for Verbatim’s GU10, MR16 and trackra94 graph lighting products, ‘filter in’ light that is desired to provide colours being perceived as they would appear under natural daylight,” explains Dick C. Hoogerdijk, General Manager LED EUMEA, Verbatim

He adds: “Although CRI is increased by the use of Vx-filters, this is not the measurement that is relevant for this type of specialist solution. It is more important to consider the unique characteristics of the light that are adjusted to make objects appear more vivid with high perception fidelity.”

colour space chartVerbatim will demonstrate Vx-filter technology on Stand F30, Hall 4.2 at Light+Building – one of the world’s largest lighting exhibitions – held from March 13 - 18, 2016 in Frankfurt.


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