TRILUX Lighting Ltd

Winsford Way
Boreham Interchange
United Kingdom
01245 463 463

TRILUX has characterised the history of light over the past 100 years, with the aim of delivering light into the built environment, across all applications, that is both efficient and responsive to individual requirements.

TRILUX has over 100 years’ experience in manufacturing cutting edge lighting solutions. Founded in Germany, where the company is market leader, TRILUX is renowned for high quality, application focussed, lighting innovation. Producing 8,000 luminaires a day, TRILUX is Europe’s 4th largest lighting manufacturer.

Established in the UK in 1988, TRILUX Lighting Ltd has the benefit of big company muscle with the flexibility and customer focus that being a small local company allows.

TRILUX’s stated aim to ‘Simplify Your Light’ is no small task in the ever evolving digital environment. To achieve this, TRILUX invests heavily in local training academies for light professionals, as well as providing full lighting design, technical support and project management services to their clients.

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