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Carbon8Lighting Electrical Industry Awards 2016 Finalist - Lighting Project Of The Year

HarvestFoodsLightingIn a lighting upgrade for Harvest Fine Foods, Carbon8Lighting’s Discus and Discus ZERO luminaires have provided a low maintenance, low energy solution with a projected 180,000kW reduction in energy consumption and an annual saving in running costs of £19,633.

Harvest was initially looking for a lighting system to go into a large freezer room and chiller room, each of approximately 8,000sq ft. One key criteria was to find a fitting that emits very little heat and another was low maintenance, as the facility operates 24/7, 364 days a year without down time.

Harvest Fine Foods is one of Southern England’s premier wholesale food distributors, providing a first class service to catering establishments and delivering an exciting range of quality fresh produce, fine foods and larder items.

Paul Lockyer, Harvest’s Operations Manager, commented “We were looking for a very good spread of light throughout the warehouse without giving shadowed areas in between racking.  This was well planned out byCarbon8Lighting with schematics and lighting positions”.

The use of Discus ZERO would have a positive impact on the running costs of keeping the refrigeration system at the correct temperatures, whilst providing the required lighting levels. The ability to integrate the fittings with motion detection was a positive, providing even more impressive savings in operating costs and a major reduction in carbon footprint.

Part of the Discus LED range, Discus ZERO is specifically designed for use in large freezer and refrigeration areas, operating in temperatures as low as -40°C. The driver is mounted remotely outside the freezer room, reducing the amount of heat generated in the freezer by the fitting, lowering the amount of energy consumed by the freezer. Maintenance is simplified with Discus ZERO, having the driver located outside the freezer, thus eliminating the need to have to work in the freezer and disturb operations in the unlikely event of a failure. Installation is simple with the use of a twist-in bracket. Also the slim profile of the luminaire offers less interruption of flow from the blast chillers.

Harvest decided to roll out Discus throughout all of the ambient areas of the facility and Discus 70W and 90W LED High Bays were chosen for the remainder of the project for their excellent light quality, performance and colour rendition.  The Discus range utilises a high performance LED chip that has been specifically designed with high bay application in mind. Even in wide ranging temperatures the phenomenal stability of this chip ensures that light levels will not decrease significantly during the life of the fitting. Temperature, voltage and current protection guarantee an unbeatable combination of performance and reliability.

Robust polycarbonate, IP65 rated, 50W and 60W Carbon8Lighting Vapour Proof fittings were also installed in more hostile areas, chosen for their performance and durability.

As well as the obvious benefit of energy savings, very low maintenance was a major attraction for Harvest. Paul Lockyer explains “Ongoing maintenance of the lighting system has always presented a problem as the lights are in constant use 24/7 and access to them is not easy, so the ease of maintenance is a real bonus. We are really pleased with the lighting system and would recommend it to any other similar warehouse operator – in fact, the warehouse lighting is the best we have ever seen”.

The Discus range is offered as standard with Carbon8Lighting’s unique 5 Year Premier Care warranty package. Should a fitting require exchanging at any point during the warranty period, Carbon8Lighting will send an advance replacement fitting to site. Once exchanged the faulty fitting will then be collected by Carbon8Lighting, minimising down time. In addition to this Carbon8Lighting will pay up to £250+VAT towards the exchange of the faulty fitting.


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Electrical Industry Awards 2016
Entry Name: Harvest Fine Foods
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