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Carbon8Lighting Javelin 2 - Throwing Light Precisely Where It’s Needed

Carbon8Lighting Javelin 2The new Javelin 2 from LED experts Carbon8 Lighting is an extremely cost effective solution for aisle lighting that throws light precisely where it’s needed with unrivalled accuracy.

Combining the performance of LED with the focusing of the light output means that fewer fittings are required and there is no wasted light.

Javelin 2 provides complete flexibility, with a range of options that include a choice of beam width for narrow and wider aisle and precision optics that make it perfect for use in areas with high fitting mounting positions. The luminaire provides typical energy savings of over 60% compared with conventional fittings. Dimming capability is offered as standard with 1-10V control, offering compatibility with all leading sensor manufacturers, further enhancing the savings that the Javelin 2 offers.

Available in outputs from 50W to 300W, Javelin 2 provides in excess of 120 lumens per watt and colour temperature ranging from 3000k to 7000k. With its lightweight sleek appearance, Javelin 2 also offers superior build quality and reliability and is ideal for everywhere, from racked warehouses to open sports halls.

The Javelin 2’s build quality and reliability is reflected with Carbon8Lighting’s unique 5 Year Premier Care warranty package. Should a fitting fail at any point during the 5 year warranty period, a replacement fitting will be sent to site, and once exchanged Carbon8Lighting will collect the faulty unit. Additionally Carbon8Lighting will pay up to £250+VAT towards the cost of exchanging any failed fitting, something that is not offered by any other lighting manufacturer. This warranty gives customers the reassurance that there will be no hidden maintenance costs to consider when choosing the Javelin.

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