St Leonard’s Church Puts Its Faith In Concord

Padiham ChurchConcord has recently worked with Overton Architects to create a stunning new lighting scheme for St Leonard’s Church in Padiham, Lancashire. Featuring the Concord Beacon LED 26w spotlight and floodlights, the new lighting highlights the Church’s historic features as well providing excellent clarity for the written word in the church’s service books.

St Leonard's Church is Grade II listed and the current building dates from 1866–69. However, it was built on the site of an earlier church dating back to at least 1451. It is not just the church that has changed over the years, the original churchyard did not extend as far to the north as it does today with proposals made in 1802 to extend the churchyard. The church has a stunning interior with a high ceiling and timbered roof.

The church’s height posed problems for the teams at Concord and Overton Architects, as Mike Overton, Partner at Overton Architects explains, “We wanted to create a lighting scheme that was sympathetic to the layout and design of the church and that meant installing the Concord fixtures high up, on the beams in the ceiling. Having used the Concord light fittings on other projects, we knew that we could install the fixtures at a high level and still create the desired lit effect below.”

At St Leonard’s Church Overton Architects replaced 84 high level 300w floodlights with 84 Concord Beacon LED High Output 26w luminaires. The Concord Beacon LED High Output spotlight and floodlight range offers the church a high efficiency lighting solution that is as energy efficient as it is stylish. The cutting-edge cooling fin has been designed to maximise the thermal management and reduction of LED junction temperature. The light fittings have an IR/UV free light source to ensure the fabric of the building and furnishings are protected. With a long life of 50,000 (which in churches can equate to up to hours the solution means the church has minimal maintenance requirements.

The Concord Beacon LED High Output is available in dimmable versions with on-board dimming, trailing edge and DALI as standard from 100-3%. St Leonard’s Church is benefitting from trailing edge dimmable versions controlled via traditional switches. The spotlights and floodlights within the range also have an energy efficient light source with far superior luminous flux per watt than existing low voltage halogen.


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