All Smiles For Concord At St Alkelda’s Church is Giggleswick

Giggleswick ChurchMystery may surround the name of St Alkelda’s Church is Giggleswick, North Yorkshire but light has been shed on the building’s stunning interior through a new high performing and elegant lighting scheme from architectural lighting specialist Concord and Overton Architects.

The parish church is dedicated to Saint Alkelda, believed to be an Anglo-Saxon princess associated with the North Yorkshire town of Middleham. Almost nothing is known about Saint Alkelda and her existence has been questioned leading to other speculations about the name. As the area has a number of springs, some people believe that the name is actually a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon word ‘haeligkeld’, meaning holy spring.

The church itself is a Grade One listed building and mostly dates from the 15th Century although carved stones discovered during restoration work in 1890-92 indicated that the building existed on the site before the Norman Conquest. The new lighting scheme was designed by Overton Architects and utilised Concord Beacon LED High Output 26w spotlights.

“Initially we designed the installation to work with Concord metal halide spotlights and therefore arranged the fittings at a height that would allow them to be readily changed,” comments Mike Overton at Overton Architects. “However, at the last minute decided to change all the fittings to Beacon LED but keeping to our original lighting design and we are delighted that we did. As the spotlights were positioned lower on the walls, the other challenge we had was drilling a 15mm diameter hole through an 800mm thick medieval wall to enable us to conceal all the cables at a high level in the apex of the aisle behind and blend them with the dark oak roof timbers. On the strength of this success, we undertook the installation at St Leonard’s Church in Padiham to replace 84 high level 300w floodlights with 84 Concord Beacon LED High Output 26w floodlights accessible only via a massive tower scaffold.”

The Concord Beacon LED High Output spotlight range offers the church a high efficiency lighting solution that is as energy efficient as it is stylish. The cutting-edge cooling fin has been designed to maximise the thermal management and reduction of LED junction temperature. In addition, the deep position of the LED within the shroud of the fitting allows them to be carefully arranged to minimise glare or eradicate.  The use of our cowls on the spotlight and wide flood fittings also helps to reduce glare considerably. The fittings have an IR/UV free light source to ensure the fabric of the building and furnishings are protected. With a long life of 50,000 hours the solution means the church has minimal maintenance requirements.

‘The beauty of this Concord fitting is the flexibility of having a fitting that can be 10 degree, 30 degree or 40 degree,” continues Mike. “The 30 degree is excellent for having low glare as the lighting surface is recessed well into the fitting. Where a lens is fitted to create the other angles we fit a glare shield over. We always utilise 3000k colour temperature as it enhances the colour of stonework and oak furnishings immensely as well as lifting the rich colours of church fabrics.”


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