Concord Delivers Striking Lighting Scheme At St William`s Church

Bradford ChurchOur Lady Of Lourdes & St William`s Church in Bradford is now benefitting from a striking new lighting scheme designed by Overton Architects and Concord Lighting.

The scheme, which features Concord Beacon LED High Output 26w spotlights and floodlights, offers energy-saving and aesthetic qualities which highlight the interior architecture of the historic building.

Overton Architects designed the lighting installation, which entailed preparing detailed plans, sections and internal elevations for the church and then plotting the positions of the light fittings and the proposed projection of light from each fitting. Concord then transferred the designs into its lighting software to allow 3D images of the church and lighting levels to be established. Based on those results, Overton Architects amended the designs if it was required to ensure adequate light levels throughout the building.

“Working with Concord is a collaborative process, which is great,” comments Mike Overton, Partner at Overton Architects. “We have worked together on a number of church projects in recent years and co-operating on the planning and design stages has been extremely successful. We can ensure we have the right fitting and light levels on each project without the worry of problems after the installation.”

The Concord Beacon LED High Output flood and spotlight range offers the church a high efficiency lighting solution that is as energy efficient as it is stylish. The cutting-edge cooling fin has been designed to maximise the thermal management and reduction of LED junction temperature. In addition, the deep position of the LED within the shroud of the fitting allows them to be carefully arranged to minimise glare or eradicate.  The use of our cowls on the spotlight and wide flood fittings also helps to reduce glare considerably. The fittings have an IR/UV free light source to ensure the fabric of the building and furnishings are protected. With a long life of 50,000 hours the solution means the church has minimal maintenance requirements. On this type of application, Overton Architects always utilise 3000K colour temperature, as it enhances the colour of stonework and oak furnishings immensely as well as lifting the rich colours of church fabrics.

The Concord Beacon LED High Output is available in dimmable versions with on-board dimming, trailing edge and DALI as standard from 100-3%. The church is benefitting trailing edge versions controlled via traditional switches. The spotlights and floodlights within the range share the same high output LED light source with far superior luminous flux per watt than existing low voltage halogen equivalents.


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