The New luminaire From Concord And One Look And You’ll Be Hooked

CURVELYTE LEDConcord, by Sylvania, has developed a stylish new luminaire that takes office lighting to a whole new level. The unique Curvelyte is more than just a lighting tool, it is piece of design-led architecture in its own right, designed to add to the interior décor rather than detracting from it.

Curvelyte has been developed using three key founding principles; to deliver a unique design, utilise innovative technology and create a sense of drama within a space.

The design of Curvelyte is its most important feature; the curved lines create a clean, sharp and sleek luminaire. Its ultra-thin design ensures it does not intrude into the space and the bevelled edge gives the look and feel of superior quality. The housing is made of high quality die-cast aluminium and is available in both black and white. There are also two options for the finish, either glossy or satin.

Curved Lumiar Office CloseCurvelyte features an innovative light guide with double row of LEDs for both direct and indirect light distribution. Sylvania has merged design and technology perfectly by running power through the suspension cables. This not only makes installation easier, but more importantly the minimal cabling ensures aesthetics are not compromised. Curvelyte is highly efficient, performing at up to 131 lumens per watt and providing a lumen maintenance of 90% at 50,000 hours.

In terms of theatrics, Curvelyte can create a special “atmosphere” with a smooth light distribution whilst also offering 30% up-lighting to eliminate dark ceiling effects. Its colour rendering index of Ra80 is perfect for office applications and, with UGR19 versions available, Curvelyte ensures visual comfort for all occupants.

To complement the suspended luminaires, Sylvania has also created surface mounted accessories to ensure Curvelyte can be used on both suspended/false and solid ceilings. These versions are also available in different colours and shapes to enhance the appearance of the ceiling.


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