Concord’s Combined Spotlight Inspires Creativity

Beacon Muse Tune WhiteMuseums are constantly looking for innovations in illumination, particularly because their needs are so varied – from illuminating large, striking statues, to highlighting detailed artefacts and historical curiosities.

To answer their requirements, Concord, by Sylvania, is setting a new standard in display lighting with its latest innovation, the new hybrid Beacon Muse Tune. This adjustable, customisable and flexible luminaire is a combination of the award-winning Beacon Muse and Beacon Tune spotlights. It brings together the best features of both whilst also incorporating innovative SylSmart lighting control technology.

Gabor Agocs, Product Line Manager at Sylvania, comments, “The Beacon range is well-known within the industry, winning multiple awards and gracing some of the most prestigious museums and high-end retail outlets across the world. Now, we have taken the range a step further with a spotlight that can truly do it all. It is a luminaire for the modern world and is also enabled for the future of connected lighting.”

The Beacon Muse Tune’s customizability is the main attraction, the combination of tuneable colour temperature and adjustable beam angle can create numerous effects. Colour tuning can be done in either of two ways; manual operation or wirelessly via a smartphone when using the SylSmart smart phone application.

Beacon Muse Tune BlackThe luminaire’s manual focusing ring allows the user to customise the beam angle from a tight 10º spot to a 40º flood, providing complete flexibility in how the light is emitted and making it perfect for highlighting displays and exhibits. Some of the Beacon Muse Tune models feature two adjustable potentiometers located at the base of the spotlight, which lets users manually control the colour temperature and dimming of the spotlight.

A selection of the luminaires within the range also incorporate innovative SylSmart lighting controls, allowing the dimming and colour temperature be controlled via an app on the smartphone. SylSmart is a wireless, cost effective and flexible lighting control solution that can be programmed quickly and efficiently. SylSmart enables users to change the lighting levels and set different scenes as often as they like. There is no need to install complex control hardware; everything is easy to connect and operate with this new smart solution. Creativity can be explored with very little effort.

The Beacon Muse Tune allows multiple ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ lighting techniques to be easily achieved, the colour tuning functionality allows colour temperature selection from a cool 4,300K to a warm 2,100K to tailor the lit effect to match the exact requirements of any exhibition or gallery display space.

The Beacon Muse Tune has a long lifetime of around 70,000 hours and can operate at 70% of its original output. The spotlight is reliable and can function efficiently for a very long duration of time and with its flexibility and diversification the Beacon Muse Tune is a solution for all display applications. With its unobtrusive design, the Beacon Muse Tune helps focus the viewers eyes on the object at hand.


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