Concord Goes Full Throttle For Triumph

triumphConcord has brought its lighting expertise to Triumph motorcycles new factory visitor experience

Triumph, the iconic British motorcycle brand, is taking visitors on an immersive new tour around its innovative factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The new Triumph Factory Experience delivers an engaging journey that tells the full story of the brand and showcases Triumph’s historic and modern achievements in design, engineering, racing and popular culture. To ensure every element of the tour is showcased to its fullest, over 200 Concord Beacon spotlights have been installed throughout the space. The project has been nominated for a 2018 Scottish Design Award.

The lighting scheme was designed by LightMedium who also selected the products installed as the company’s Director, Scott Ferrier, explains: “We selected the Concord Beacon range as it is a good quality track spotlight with 90+ CRI rating. We undertook extensive testing of the LED engine performance, as well as looking at the various beam angles to ensure the product could give us the level of options and control we needed to set up the lighting throughout the exhibition space.”

Spread across eight distinctly-themed areas, the exhibition showcases rare original models from the brands 115-year history including legendary Triumph movie bikes; from Steve McQueen’s original Great Escape movie bike, not seen since filming completed in 1962, to Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 2 Speed Triple. These valuable memorabilia require careful consideration when it comes to putting them on display, especially in terms of the lighting. They need to be protected from harmful radiation and ensure they look the best they can for visitors to the tour.

LightMedium selected 200 Beacon Accent spotlights as well as 50 Beacon Muse spotlights with accessories, which have been installed across the visitor centre and in the cafe.

“I particularly liked the Muse fixture with adjustable focus beam was really useful for the more tricky and flexible parts of the display,” Scott continued. “Sylvania offered a good product and price mix, and when we compared against other manufacturers we concluded a good specification recommendation for our needs to light the exhibition.”

The exclusive guided factory tour provides unprecedented access to Triumph’s unique engineering and manufacturing process and facilities. Iconic motorcycle memorabilia, dealer signage and racing ephemera.

The Concord Beacon Accent spotlights have a compact and minimalist design with low glare and dark-light detail for increased accentuation and visual comfort, making them perfect to highlight the variety of exhibits in the visitor centre.

Concord Beacon Muse spotlights take focussing to the next level to ensure the most intricate of details are accentuated. The spotlights use warm, high colour rendering LEDs, with the beam angle adjusted accordingly to effectively light each exhibit. The spotlights feature an adjustable optic system which can deliver a wide flood 65° beam angle which can be adjusted down to a 10° spot without the need for additional lenses or reflectors. The 10° tight spot is ideal for accent lighting for accentuating the texture, colour and shape of exhibits. Its 65° wide flood distribution can be optimised for uniform vertical and horizontal illuminance and wall washing effects. Also, when used with an elongation lens accessory, it can create narrow beam angles for highlighting the unique bikes.

“We are delighted with the new visitor centre and the lighting,” comments Lauren Cox, Product Marketing Manager at Triumph Motorcycles Limited. “The lighting helps us create the immersive atmosphere we wanted to bring to the space and it works really well. The tour has been hugely popular ever since its launch and we look forward to welcoming visitors every day.”


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