Create A Timeless Design With TubiXx

TubiXxConcord, architectural lighting by Sylvania, has launched TubiXx, a luminaire that is as stylish as it is functional. Whether it is in a modern or traditional setting, the sleek and clean design of TubiXx can make a stylish statement and become a focal point within the space.

The TubiXx is perfect for residential and hospitality environments and comes in a choice of colour finishes, colour temperatures in a pendant or surface mounted design. Hoteliers and homeowners can choose from a Black body with Gold reflector, a White body with White reflector and a White Body with Black reflector. It is a truly versatile luminaire that will suit a variety of interior decors.

“Concord’s TubiXx is a design-led, flexible solution, that produces a stunning lit effect,” comments David Neale, Marketing Manager at Sylvania UK. “With a timeless design combined with the most up-to-date LED technology, this lighting solution is ideal for a variety of applications and can be tailored to suit the interior design. It will transform the space with its high-quality aesthetics and impressive performance.”

Available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures, Concord TubiXx can achieve 1361lm at 14W and has a lumen efficacy of up to 97lm/W. The luminaires have a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours at 70% of original output, featuring guaranteed LED colour consistency and exceptional glare control for the very best in comfort and wellbeing.


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