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Unlocking The Value Of ‘What’s Hangng Over Your Head?’

over your headThe critical nature of emergency lighting demands that it is reliable, fit for purpose and compliant with the required standards.

Unfortunately, scheduling the time for maintenance and testing in today’s always-on economy has never proved more challenging. To support logistics and industry professionals, Sylvania has launched a new interactive guide, titled ‘What’s Hanging Over Your Head?’, which discusses how the latest advances in luminaires and emergency lighting products can meet improving safety and energy standards, to the benefit of their overall operations.

With around 75% of buildings in Europe currently rated as energy inefficient and a maximum of 1.2% of buildings renovated each year, the eBook highlights how the scope for energy efficiency gains in the logistics and industry sector are there for the taking. It also explores how with new approaches to financing available to facilities managers, now is the time to review, refurbish or retrofit emergency lighting.

Richard Turner, Specification Luminaires Business Unit Director for Sylvania, explains: “Emergency lighting solutions aren’t simply another form of lighting. In the event of an electrical failure caused by either a power cut or a fire, they are critical to lighting the way for emergency teams, employees and visitors during evacuation procedures and enable safety equipment to be easily located.

“The problem is that despite the legal and moral obligation to not only install but, importantly, maintain and test emergency lighting, warehouses and factories across Europe have broken or inadequate emergency lighting and so are not EN 1838:2013 compliant. While many will foot the initial financial outlay of installing emergency lighting, budget for on-going maintenance and testing is not prioritised.

“The new eBook looks at how emergency lighting can support businesses in remaining compliant and reducing energy costs. As the easiest part of a building’s infrastructure to review and upgrade, emergency lighting typically has the quickest payback period. . The guide also shows how LED and Smart technology-driven technology, supported by (how do we term finance package?) can further improve safety and energy savings.”

To learn more about how to turn your emergency lighting into an integral part of your facility’s ongoing operations, read the ‘What’s Hanging Over Your Head?’ eBook, here:

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