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Concord Lighting Takes Centre Stage In London

Park Theatre LondonConcord has helped David Hughes Architects and Hoare Lea Lighting transform an office building based in Finsbury Park, London into Park Theatre, an inspiring theatrical venue.

The extensive project which ensued an overall spend of £2.5 million, was funded entirely through charity donations, fundraising and philanthropic gestures. Materials needed to be simple and cost-effective, making use of natural lighting and reclaimed furniture. LED lighting was also essential in transforming the colour of the entire theatre space; retaining a relaxed and historic atmosphere. Therefore, a cost effective and simple lighting solution was required.

David Hughes Architects and lighting design specialists, Hoare Lea Lighting, worked closely together to develop a simple, but hugely effective, natural and artificial lighting strategy. Two skylights were placed in both performance spaces, opening each room to natural, bright light during the day. When the sky lights were covered for evening performances, LED spotlights were specified to reinforce the theatres sociable atmosphere. Luminaires were to be selected depending on quality and cost-effectiveness.

Theatre control roomAs a result, the Concord Beacon LED and track mounted 13W LED was used as spotlights in the Atrium. Meanwhile, Lumiance’s ultra-slim wall mounted LumiPanel, notorious as a quick, simple and effective upgrade to LED illumination, was selected for wall and ceiling light use in the theatre. The specially selected luminaires achieved each LED requirement, proving them as the perfect solution to simplicity, cost and energy efficiency whilst determining the atmosphere of the room.

“We worked tirelessly with the client team to specify materials, lighting and furniture, making sure every penny counted,” explains David Hughes, Managing Director of David Hughes Architects. “We were aware of Havells Sylvania as being one of the top quality luminaire brands within the industry. This, along with the energy saving elements identified in both its LumiPanel and Concord Beacon LED spotlights, made choosing a lighting supplier incredibly easier.”

Rehearsal area lightingWithin 18 months, the 1,100 sq. m office building had been transformed into a fully-fledged establishment, including two performance spaces, a cafe/bar, a multi-function rehearsal space, three dressing rooms, and all the requisite back-of-house facilities. The interior of the building presents a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere, which brings high culture to the cosmopolitan North London area.

Images by Philip Vile.

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