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InStyle LED Lights Up a Hot!MeSS in London

Hot!MeSS in LondonFresh and funky clothing brand Hot!MeSS’s press event at last week was given some extra glitz by InStyle LED’s colour-changing wall washers.

Inside Covent Garden’s ICETANK venue, InStyle’s Jack Watts set up and ran an array of 4 x RGB wall washers. Each is a slim and compact 1-metre light baton that houses 24 RGB LED chips – able to mix red, green and blue light to create and shade of colour (including sharp whites).

To power the wall washers, Jack used a 320-watt Mean Well transformer, and managed their output through an RGB wireless controller.

The press day was a chance for Hot!MeSS to show off their latest SS15 collection, and it was a popular ticket with fashion bloggers as well as the brand’s eager fans.

Altogether several hundred people attended the event – enjoying strawberry daiquiris and live sets by Stooshe, X Factor’s Concept and Hot!MeSS’s very own Tayla Blue as they browsed the collection. Among the celebrity attendees were Braveheart girl-group Neon Jungle.

72w rgb led wall washerSparkling colours
Drawing 72 watts and 24 volts, each RGB wall washer can output up to a whopping 5000 lumens! The four batons created a vivid effect in ICETANK, splashing some sparkling colours behind the bands’ performance space and looking bright and brilliant even with a projector shining in the same area.

In just two years since its launch, Hot!MeSS has already snagged nearly 200,000 Instagram followers. Hot!MeSS fashions have been worn by names like Pixie Lott, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne and are now stocked by big names like Selfridges.

Hot!MeSS in London 2Hot!MeSS owner Tayla Blue said, “InStyle had already fitted our tour bus with its fantastic lighting system, so they were the only name on our wish-list for this event. Their LEDs gave our big day a party vibe.”

See the wall washers in our video of Stooshe in action.

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