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MEGAMAN® Showcases INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution with Extensive Products at The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016

ingeniumZBLet there be light, sound, heat or cool air - at your home or office – in just a second. All these can be realized by MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB smart lighting solution.

It works with ZigBee® technology and its extensive range of products will be unveiled at The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016 (Autumn Edition) to be held at HKCEC, Wanchai from 27 - 30 October.

INGENIUM® ZB’s extensive range of products include Gateway, LED Classic and TECOH® THx LED Light Engine, Dimming Modules, Remote Controllers, Power Socket Adaptors and Sensors.  You can gain wireless control of INGENIUM® ZB enabled LED bulbs and other devices from anywhere, individually or as a group, all from your smart device.  It works with its very own gateway or popular ZigBee® equipped super-gateways.  INGENIUM® ZB also allows for the connection of over 200 devices simultaneously.

Designed for control of conventional LED light bulbs and luminaires, the INGENIUM® ZB 100W and 250W Dimming Modules, in particular, can be attached to MEGAMAN® standard LEDs and you can enjoy instant smart home control. When the INGENIUM® ZB mobile app is not in use, the Remote Controllers with handheld and wall-mounted options are another great way to control the devices.

With Power Socket Adaptor and multi-purpose Sensors, you can even build a connected home or office with home appliances, like table lamps, heaters, electronics, fans, TVs, etc, with one-touch control via your smart device or remote controllers.

Power Socket Adaptor: you can control the power on/off, grouping and preset on/ off schedule of target devices at ease.

PIR Sensor: you can preset a rule to detect human motion to turn on the light or air-conditioner to achieve greater energy saving and cost.

Light Senor: it allows you preset another rule for light off at daytime with sufficient sunlight or light on at darkness.

Magnetic On/Off Sensor: it works like a door or window sensor. You can set a rule to turn on the light with an alert for security purpose when the door is opened.

Other sensors include Water Level Sensor which will send you an alert when there is a water leakage, and Temperature Sensor which will automatically turn on the fan or air-conditioner when the temperature is high.

INGENIUM® ZB is the ultimate smart control solution for stylish living at home, offices, retail stores, and other scalable spaces. Visit our stand at HKLF2016, Hall 1, 1D-B02.


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