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MEGAMAN® Launches Upgraded INGENIUM® BLU Mobile App

ingeniumBLUMEGAMAN® has expanded the scope of its advanced LED lighting controls by releasing an upgraded INGENIUM® BLU app.

MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® BLU LED lighting products featuring Bluetooth 4.1 technology can connect to the mobile app for lighting control.

With enhanced features and an intuitive interface, the upgraded INGENIUM® BLU app delivers a simpler and more seamless user experience.

In addition to the smart control of INGENIUM® BLU lamps, the upgraded INGENIUM® BLU app also enables users to control a wide range of MEGAMAN®’s existing standard LED lamps and luminaires. Users can simply attach the INGENIUM® BLU Dimming Module to these standard LEDs, and enjoy all the benefits of smart lighting from their standard LEDs. A handheld Controller is also available for children or the elderly who do not have access to mobile devices.

Designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, the upgraded INGENIUM® BLU app allows users to control up to 64 MEGAMAN® LED lamps/modules simultaneously and create their desired mood. The functions include on/off switch, brightness adjustment, linear dimming; pre-set timing for on/off; grouping of lighting products in different rooms for easy control; scene-setting for repeated use and many more. This app also features the capability for cloud-based updates, which allows users to receive notifications from time to time for OTA (over the air) firmware upgrades.

Simple and affordable, INGENIUM® BLU offers the most economical way for home or commercial users to enjoy the benefits of smart lighting. Just three steps away – download the new INGENIUM® BLU app, install the INGENIUM® BLU lamps or modules, and open your app – you can then enjoy precision scene setting and greater energy saving with smart lighting.


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