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Verbatim Announces AR111 LED Lamps At Lux Live To Provide Anti-glare Halogen Replacements

AR111 LEDEurope’s largest annual lighting show will also see Verbatim demonstrate its new flicker-free linear LED lighting solutions

Verbatim is using Lux Live – a major lighting trade show running from November 23-24 in London – to announce its next generation of anti-glare AR111 retrofit LED bulbs, which serve as true performance upgrades for replacing halogen lamps, and to demonstrate a new range of linear LED products.

AR111 LED lamps (Product numbers: 52340-52346)
To avoid the uncomfortable glare that often characterises rival LED products, Verbatim’s dimmable 10W AR111s feature a unique design that perfectly mimics the lighting effect of a traditional halogen lamp by emitting light indirectly via the reflector.

Ideal for general lighting areas such as the reception area of a hotel, a restaurant or a shop along with other areas where bright yet comfortable light is required for long periods, Verbatim’s AR111 LED light bulbs save up to 89% energy compared to equivalent halogen lamps. They are also lighter, brighter and provide higher efficacy and longer lifetime than competing LED products enabling customers to reduce operating and maintenance costs.
VerbatimAR111 retail heroThe new generation of dimmable AR111s deliver a luminous flux of up to 750lm and luminous intensity of up to 5700cd. With a lumen efficacy of up to 75 lm/W (up to 25% more than competitors), they are lightweight at just 90g (twice as light as most rival products) and last longer at 40,000 hours, all without requiring a separate large heatsink since, thanks to technology from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, they can employ the reflector as a heatsink. Available in 2700, 3000 and 4000K colour temperatures and beam angles of 12, 25, and 40 degrees, the products are ideal for a wide range of residential, retail, office and hospitality requirements.

The Verbatim LED AR111 range features an EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) of 0.20 or less to ensure it matches new EU eco-design requirements for energy related products, which came into force in September 2016. Besides the peace of mind presented by a 5-year warranty, customers also benefit from easy installation given the product’s perfect size and shape compatibility with AR111 fixtures on the market.
LINEAR LED lighting (Product references: 52278 – 52283)VerbatimLEDLinearModule
Verbatim will also introduce a new range of linear LED modules for general lighting in commercial, retail and hospitality locations. These are also suitable for 220VDC emergency lighting applications. With an impressive lumen efficacy of up to 104 lm/W (up to 20% higher than some LED competing branded products), the modules are available in lengths of 600, 1200 and 1500mm, and with 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures.

While directly mountable on ceilings and walls, accessory kits allow for recessed-mounting and suspension configurations. The modules can be easily installed and connected in parallel seamlessly if required.    

Supplied with a flicker-free, non-dimmable driver, the modules deliver excellent energy efficiency, a long lifetime of 50,000 hours and narrow binning to a 3-step McAdams ellipse. These modules are an ideal replacement for linear lighting systems with conventional fluorescent tubes.

Verbatim’s linear lighting systems emit homogeneous light thanks to an opal fire-resistant polycarbonate diffuser that passes stringent IEC safety standards including the 850°C glow wire test. The high quality diffuser is resistant to ignition and has self-extinguishing properties to further limit any fire hazard. The white coloured luminaire housing is made of extruded aluminium.  

Vx-filter technology
Besides the AR111s and linear LED modules, Verbatim will also showcase its Vx-filter technology at Lux Live. Shortlisted as a finalist in the category "enabling technology of the year” at the Lux Awards 2016, Verbatim lighting equipped with the innovative Vx-filters simultaneously boost the colour rendering index (CRI) and vividness of colours to ensure that colours and finer details of objects appear as they would be perceived in natural daylight.


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