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MHA Lighting Unveiled Its Latest Innovation at LuxLive

MHA Lighting chose to launch the new P Lite 40 to its Perimeter range at the prestigious Lux Live exhibition earlier this week.

“It is an amazingly powerful low-energy fitting and the perfect solution for external car parks, street lighting, walk ways and perimeter applications of up to 12m.

MHA Lighting’s P Lite luminaire delivers clean, bright light to create the highest levels of illumination whilst slashing energy bills and Co2 emissions. It is suited to heights of between 4 to 12m and has been designed to replace a range of traditional street light applications.

The light can be delivered in a variety of colours and can include intelligent controls to further maximise energy savings. It is designed to replace 150 and 250 watt metal halides, SON lamps and high pressure sodiums and can be produced as a twin unit.

As with all MHA fittings, the P Lite is designed using MHA Lighting’s patented waveguide technology and complies with Part L building regulations. The range is EU Energy rated A and achieves LG4, LG5 and LG6 standard LUX levels.

Tom added: “The P Lite 40 has already been installed at Newcastle Airport with fantastic results.

“In the Short Stay Car Park P Lite 40 luminaires were fitted to 12m high poles spaced at 35m.

“The P Lite 40 fitting is just 90watts with ballast and directly replaces 250watt SON fittings meaning the new lighting will halve carbon emissions and cut energy bills by 70%.”

Terry Clarke, Energy and Sustainability project manager at Newcastle Airport, said:  “As part of our commitment to improving the customer experience and reducing our carbon footprint, the airport instructed MHA to design an LED fitting which would improve lighting levels, reliability, and reduce the on-going energy costs associated with the pre-existing lighting solution in the car parks.  

“The new lighting has been a great success. It was praised in our Park Mark Award assessment with positive feedback on its quality and how it has enhanced the area’s safety, which in turn will greatly benefit our customers.

“We are delighted with this product – a shining example of quality British engineering.”

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