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Concord Upgrades LED Engine In Beacon Range

Concord BeaconArchitectural lighting specialist, Concord has upgraded the entirety of its award-winning 26W Beacon range of spotlights.

By incorporating new LED chips within the luminaires, the brightness and CRI (Colour Rendering Index) has been dramatically increased. This makes the Beacon range the ideal choice for applications where the most natural looking light is required such as museums, galleries and retail environments.  

“The Concord Beacon range already had an impressive set of credentials,” comments Neil Solanki, Strategic Business Unit Manager Concord, at Havells Sylvania. “With the amalgamation of the new LED engine into the range, CRI has been significantly boosted to make illuminated colours seem more true to life than ever before. As an example of the quality of the new chips, on our popular Concord Beacon Muse 26W 3,000K spotlight, brightness is up from 463 lumens to 690 lumens, and CRI from Ra95 (R9 – 50) to Ra97 (R9 – 90). That’s a performance increase of 58% at the same wattage.”

The Concord Beacon upgrades apply to the following models:
-          Beacon Muse 26W 3K & 4K
-          Beacon Accent Spot 26W 3K & 4K
-          Beacon Accent Flood 26W 3K & 4K
-          Beacon Spot 26W (80CRI) 3K & 4K
-          Beacon Flood 26W (80CRI) 3K & 4K

As well as continuously pushing the performance boundaries of existing Beacon models, Concord is continuously innovating with new fixture options. The company has recently released two mains voltage spotlights - the Beacon Major and Beacon Minor, which require no separate LED driver to operate.  In addition, the high performing Beacon XL will launch in September and bring up to 3300 lumens to retail environments, creating an LED solution for traditional 35W CMI.

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