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Norled Upgrades Passenger Ferries With LED Lighting Solutions From Glamox

ms dronningenNorled, one of Norway’s largest shipping companies, has carried out a major upgrade of the lighting systems on three of its passenger ferries with new state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions from Glamox.

MV “Dronningen”, MV “Kongen” and MV “Prinsen” are three identical passenger ferries owned by Norled. Glamox supplied a variety of LED lighting systems to all three vessels.

The three passenger ferries are all gas-powered vessels. However, in addition, they can also use marine diesel power or a combination thereof. The three ferries are equipped with low emission engines and by choosing state of the art LED lighting systems from Glamox, Norled has taken another important step in reducing its carbon footprint.

“The replacement of conventional lighting to LEDs has had several positive outcomes, including reduced maintenance costs, lower power consumption and better light output on board the ferries,” states Sindre Stølan, Area sales manager at Glamox International.

Lighting control
The lighting solutions supplied by Glamox includes lighting control systems for passenger areas. This is another method of saving energy, as the control system adjusts the balance of artificial lighting to natural light from large windows on the passenger ferries.

In addition, Glamox supplied a number of different LED lighting products, including the DL60 range of LED downlights. These are designed to provide maximum light quality with better colour rendering than fluorescent and halogen lighting. All DL60 components are custom engineered to work optimally together in order to provide maximum light output and minimum glare. Compared to halogen lighting solutions, the DL60 can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% with the same light level.

In cabin areas, Norled selected the AL60-SQ range of compact, robust LED luminaires from Glamox. Designed by young Norwegian designer Hans Bleken Rud, the AL60-SQ is an elegant, indoor, wall- or ceiling-mounted square cabin light. The AL60-SQ comes in two different sizes, 290 x 290 mm and 340 x 340 mm, in grey, white or black. Several decors are available. The light technique ensures the luminaire provides a very good quality, homogenous light output. Due to its LED technology, the AL60-SQ is energy efficient over a long lifetime.

Norled also installed the TX60 range of LED light fittings from Glamox. These enable rapid, easy replacement of existing T8 fluorescent light fittings without requiring any additional design or installation changes. The LED system with new advanced IC driver technology provides the TX60 with a class-leading operating life of 100,000 hours at Ta +45°C, with no system lifetime limitations from the driver. As well as being maintenance-free over 100,000 hours, the TX60 also reduces energy costs, providing 30% energy savings compared to conventional T8 HF fluorescent lamps.

The TL43 is a classic style light from Glamox that is energy-efficient. The TL43 is a wall or corner-mounted luminaire supplied with an uplight for mounting low on walls or with no uplight for mounting in the corner between a wall and ceiling. The luminaire provides excellent diffusion in corridors and is an energy efficient lighting solution for floor spaces.

For outdoor areas on the ferries, Glamox also supplied its TL60 range of LED outdoor lighting fixtures and its MIR LED range of outdoor lighting fixtures. These LED lights save energy and reduce maintenance costs due to their extremely long lifetime. 


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