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Mackwell at Wexham Park

Wexham Park HospitalRecently refurbished areas at Wexham Park Hospital in Berkshire are making use of Mackwell’s N-light® CONNECT DALI emergency lighting test and monitoring systems as part of a phased refurbishment project to replace the original manual lighting system.

To reduce the time and burden placed on facilities managers and engineers, Wexham sought a new emergency lighting system that featured DALI AutoTest technology to enable all emergency products to be addressed and monitored by a central control system.  One of the requirements of the system was the ability to individually name sections of the lighting system, to make identification and recognition much easier for anyone tasked to maintain the system. Wexham Park Hospital, managed by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, previously had a manual emergency lighting system installed throughout the hospital, which was time and resource consuming in order to maintain the system effectively and ensure that it was functioning as intended.

N-light® CONNECT was selected as the ideal product for the project due its ease and simplicity to use.  N-light®  CONNECT is a DALI test and monitoring system designed with flexibility in mind as custom subnet lighting systems can be created, with up to 128 DALI devices being linked to one N-light® CONNECT touch panel.  N-light® CONNECT is controlled via N-light software, which can be used from a central location to monitor multiple sites, as well as providing complete control when generating reports and testing an emergency lighting system.  The software can even assist with configuration and commissioning and provides the ability to setup automatic testing and reporting to ensure the system is maintained and monitored in line with the latest safety standards and regulations.

As part of the refurbishment project, Mackwell also supplied XYLUX® LR4 and XYLUX® LD5 luminaires.  XYLUX® LR4 features specifically designed optics to generate impressive spacings in corridor and open-area applications.  The product is recessed into a ceiling space to reduce aesthetic impact on an area and features articulated control gear for faster installation on-site.  XYLUX® LD5 can either be surface mounted or recessed to suit the needs of the application and comes with interchangeable lens specifically designed for open-area and corridor applications.  XYLUX® LD5 was chosen as an efficient replacement for the traditionally used fluorescent bulkhead luminaires.


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