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Sylvania Start LED Highbay A Perfect Fit For Industrial Lighting Needs

Sylvania Start LED HighbaySylvania, part of Feilo Sylvania, has a strong heritage for lighting industrial and large-scale commercial environments and the Start LED Highbay fits this mould perfectly. Ideal for retail, industry, manufacturing, airport and data centre applications.

Start LED Highbay is part of the EVO LED Range, which offers an exceptional combination of efficiency, functionality and reliability and makes it the go-to product collection for installers and contractors.

Available in 95W and 190W versions, Start LED Highbay delivers a high performance of up to 21,573lm (luminiare lumen output on 190W model) and provides up to 114lm/W total system efficiency. The luminaire comes in two different beam angles – medium or wide – allowing installers and contractors to select the best option for the job.

Start LED Highbay is constructed to IP65 and IK08 ratings providing contractors with the assurance to specify confidently. Start LED Highbay series features light weight magnesium alloy housing enabling ease of installation and low-maintenance for the installers. With a colour temperature of 4,000K (neutral white), Start LED Highbay has a life span of 50,000 hours making it an ideal choice for industrial application where long lamp life and minimal maintenance requirements are essential. The Start LED Highbay can be suspended and surface mounted, making it perfect for retrofit and new applications.

“Industrial applications are demanding environments,” says Mark Hughes, UK Marketing Manager at Feilo Sylvania. “These buildings are often operating 24/7 and a lighting scheme can be costly to run and maintain. The Start LED Highbay is a high performing and energy-efficient luminaire that provides great light output and is also extremely easy to install. It ticks all the boxes for industrial lighting.”

The EVO range encompasses the Sylvania ethos by providing easy-to-install and reliable products in an effective and uncomplicated way. There are several products in the range including LED battens, strip panel fittings and downlights, with suitable applications ranging across the home and workplace. The EVO range is ideal for contractors and installers, creating a go-to group of essential products to be used all over site. Catering for all LED requirements, the EVO range represents a wholesalers dream with reliable products at a competitive price.


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