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Eaton’s New Wiring Accessories Combine Versatility with Style

Eaton PREMERA rangeStylish modern design, combined with exceptional versatility and durability are the hallmarks of the new family of wiring accessories which has just been launched by Eaton’s Electrical Sector.

The new PREMERA range offers the widely used white moulded style products, while the PREMERA MIX range is a brand new series of modular grid-based solutions, and the PREMERA PROOF range offers new IP66 products for outdoor and other demanding applications.

Eaton’s new PREMERA products are complemented by an extended COPA range of wiring accessories with clip-on decorative plastic and luxury metal fascias, the newly introduced matching COPA FIX range with fixed fascias, and the restyled XTRA range of metal surface-mounting products.

primera whiteThe new PREMERA white moulded range of accessories feature a clean modern appearance and are manufactured from a durable and attractive urea-based material that has inherent antibacterial properties. Optional caps are available to hide the fixing screws and further enhance the appearance of the products. Like all of Eaton’s new wiring accessories, the products in this range are designed for long-life and reliability. The new PREMERA range will ultimately supersede Eaton’s existing Intra and EMA ranges, giving users access to the latest technology, and making it easier for them to choose the best products to meet their specific requirements.

PREMERA MIX is a completely new range of grid-based modular wiring accessories, which offers mounting plates in sizes that can accommodate up to 24 modules, allowing almost unlimited combinations of assemblies to be produced. Popular plate sizes are supplied complete with an integral mounting frame and earthing facilities to ensure fast easy installation with fewer individual components.

As well as standard switching components and power sockets, the PREMERA MIX range includes voice and data connectors, as well as radio-frequency switch modules designed to operate with Eaton’s xComfort wireless home automation system. PREMERA MIX will replace the current Spectra range.

For outdoor and similar applications where resistance to water and other contaminants is required, Eaton is now offering PREMERA PROOF weatherproof products, which provide a wide range of permutations based on the use of one- and two-gang IP66 enclosures.

The popular COPA range of accessories with clip-on plastic and metal front plates has been extended by adding new options and by the introduction of modular grid solutions, up to 24 gang, which use the PREMERA MIX modules. Also new are COPA FIX accessories, which match the appearance of COPA products, but have the permanently attached front plates that are sometimes preferred for applications in public and commercial buildings.

To complete its new family of wiring accessories, Eaton has refreshed its XTRA range of surface mount products with an updated front panel design that brings them into line with the appearance of the other new products. In addition, XTRA modular solutions are now available in sizes up to 24 gang, and benefit from the additional options available in the PREMERA MIX module range.

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