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International Support For The One Beam of Light Project

The driving force behind the One Beam of Light project – Light Collective – has revealed that over 70 lighting designers spanning the globe have already registered to take part in this initiative.  

“The response of the lighting community has been outstanding” comments Light Collective. “We are incredibly excited anticipating the amazing images that people are going to contribute and confident that collectively we will create a stunning and inspiring exhibition.”

Prominent lighting design practices, such as Speirs & Major, Nulty Lighting Design, Arup, Sutton Vane Associates, and Jason Bruges Studio, have confirmed their involvement and support for the initiative. In the spirit of being a truly international project, participation is taking place across the globe in Germany, Iceland, Mexico, Taiwan, Dubai and Singapore, to name just a few of the far flung countries.  

‘One Beam of Light’ is a global photography initiative that is bringing together the lighting design community. Light Collective is highlighting the work of a number of highly creative light artists as examples of what can be created with one beam of light.  A collaboration between Light Collective and Concord, Havells-Sylvania’s architectural lighting brand, ‘One Beam of Light’ will use participants’ imagery to curate a collection of unique and inspiring photographs using a single source of light, stripped to its minimum.

An alternative to paint on canvas, the medium of light is still regarded as an unconventional tool when creating images, yet the popularity of light artistry has spread extensively in the last decade. The inspiration from the project comes in part from some of the stunning works of art created by several renowned light artists.

Daniel Palacios’ 2006-2007 work entitled ‘Waves’ demonstrates what can be achieved using one piece of rope and one beam of light. A long piece of rope represents three dimensionally a series of waves floating in space, as well as producing sounds from the physical action of their movement: the rope which creates the volume also simultaneously creates the sound by cutting through the air, making up a single element. Commenting on the One Beam of Light project, Daniel says “Most great ideas are the ones that are very simple, yet effective. I'm looking forward to having the One Beam of Light book in my hands and seeing a compilation of stunning creativity”.

Another of the innovative artists creating beautiful artworks with light is Chris Fraser. His creative pieces: ‘Points, Lines, Planes’ and ‘Developing a mutable horizon’, show the power of what one beam of light can do. “I feel very fortunate to have found a line of inquiry that regularly challenges and rewards me. It is less a style than a philosophy. I spend my days attending to each accident of light. I wave my hands in front of walls, swirl my water glass at dinner, and above all else, stare. My studio practice begins when I open my eyes and ends when I close them. I cannot wait to find out what the participants create with just one beam of light” comments Chris.

Other artists from whom the project has also taken inspiration are Yvette Mattern for her ‘Global Rainbow’ project, Daniel Schulze for ‘Light Ray Studies’, James Nizam for his ‘Thought Form’ series and the recent work of Kitty Kraus.

Anyone can enter this global project, so if you feel you’re up to the challenge then visit where a full set of rules and further details are available.

In order to qualify, photographs need to be uploaded onto the website by Friday, 16 November. Entries will be accepted from Monday, 1 October

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