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Flexibility Is Key To Lighting Europe’s Largest Innovation Ecosystem

Here East centreTRILUX Lighting custom luminaires were selected to light Europe’s largest innovation centre at Here East - Plexal, a state-of-the art environment designed as a mini-city for companies both big and small to accelerate innovation.

The Here East centre occupies 1.2 million square feet in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Mark Tweedale, Cundall Light4, the lighting designers for the project describes the brief, “The clients were looking for a lighting scheme to support the new dynamic companies which will be working there. Flexibility, was paramount, as start-ups can rapidly change in size and configuration. Generally, we wanted to use new technology and new ideas to create a space which fosters innovation.”

Flexibility was key to the success of this scheme. The luminaires had to be easy to move, when needed and the lighting controls needed to be easy to reprogram. TRILUX desk mounted task lights answered the brief while efficiently putting light where it is needed.

Mark adds, “We also specified integral PIR’s to ensure they would always be where they are needed. Furthermore, we chose to integrate the OSRAM DALIeco Swarm adapter for the lighting control. In fact, Plexal is currently Osram’s largest Swarm installation.”

Future thinking design
The TRILUX desk mounted lights were adapted to integrate the Osram Swarm units, which use radio frequency bi-directional communication between the luminaires, sensors and switches. Now as the office reorganises, no additional wiring will be required, eliminating costly re-commissioning and additional cosmetic work to ceilings. Lesley details, “It couldn’t be any simpler, selecting the zone and luminaire group is done with a quick twist of a screwdriver.”

"The TRILUX luminaires have both the style and light qualities which we required for this project. The integrated detectors and simple to use and commission controls gives the end users ultimate flexibility", adds Andrew Bissell Director of Cundall Light4.

Another special solution designed specifically for this project used the highly energy efficient TRILUX Arimo fittings. The usually suspended, clean, pure white, slim LED panels have been adapted to attach to the acoustic rafts in the industrial style areas. The result creates a minimalist, abstract floating appearance, while providing a glare and shadow free planar light.

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