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British Standard BS EN 61167 For Metal Halide Lamps Amended

BSEN61167BS EN 61167:2018+A1:2018
Metal halide lamps
Performance specification

Publication Date: 23 November 2018
Replaces: BS EN 61167:2016

What is this standard about?
This document specifies the performance requirements for metal halide lamps for general lighting purposes.

For some of the requirements given in this document, reference is made to “the relevant lamp data sheet”. For some lamps, these data sheets are contained in this document. For other lamps, falling under the scope of this document, the relevant data are supplied by the lamp manufacturer or responsible vendor.

The requirements of this document relate only to type testing.

The requirements and tolerances specified in this document correspond to testing of a type test sample submitted by the manufacturer for that purpose. In principle this type test sample consists of units having characteristics typical of the manufacturer’s production and being as close to the production centre point values as possible.

It can be expected that with the tolerances given in this document, the product manufactured in accordance with the type test sample will comply with this document for the majority of production. Due to the production spread however, it is inevitable that there will sometimes be products outside the specified tolerances. For guidance on sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes, see ISO 2859-10.


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