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The Lighting Industry Academy Ambassadors of Learning

lia ambassadorsThe Lighting Industry Academy launches on 28th September, as part of the LIA’s continued investment into all aspects of the UK lighting industry.

The Academy will bring skills and learning to the whole lighting community, creating opportunities to work together towards a bright and exciting future.
A number of major industry players are already on-board as Academy Ambassadors ready to support the vision of the Academy. Our Ambassadors will be key in helping establish the Academy, supporting its goals, and to promote the education and skills across the lighting community.

Lighting Industry Academy Ambassadors
•    Emergency Lighting Products
•    Fern Howard Limited
•    GE Lighting
•    Holophane Europe Ltd
•    Lux
•    OSRAM
•    Philips Lighting
•    PhotonStar Ltd
•    University of South Wales

As the technology of our industry evolves it is imperative that talented new recruits are attracted to join the key players and seek the opportunities to develop careers within them.

The Academy is a home for learning and career development, adopting a collaborative approach. It offers a central point of access for lighting related learning and assurance of a consistent quality.  

If you would like to find out more about the Lighting Industry Academy and its Ambassadors visit


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