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LIA Website Continues Developing For The Industry

lucieThe Lamp release of the LIA website is now live, bringing the latest improvements to members and Academy users as part of the LIA’s rolling programme of website developments.

Students successfully completing learning through the Lighting Industry Academy, including all courses offered by the LIA, will now be able to access their recognised learning record. Each user’s profile will provide access to a verified record of all recognised learning, available to all learners and with the facility to share access to the record on demand.

Users will also be able to more easily find companies registered on ICEL or LIAQA schemes, through improvements to the member search. The LIA member list can now be filtered by membership category or scheme registration, allowing clients to easily find relevant companies.
As always, the Lamp release has also brought numerous smaller improvements in response to member feedback, including making finding and booking courses easier, simplifying the login process, and many more.

Our aim is to incrementally improve our offer in direct response to member feedback, providing a dedicated resource for the lighting industry. We are eager to be responsive to feedback and member-demand, so if you have any comments or want more information, please let us know at


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