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New Lighting Controls Remote PIR Controller

Remote PIR 8 buttonLighting Controls has launched a new Remote PIR controller. The hand held PIR controller is highly flexible and communicates with the lighting control network through a PIR.

Upto 8 buttons can be configured to do any control task that can be performed by the PIR from scene changes, over rides or dimming, to heating or window blind control.

The PIR Remote can be programmed with an address from 1 to 16 so that it is tied uniquely to a particular PIR and will not interfere with or communicate through any other PIR in the vicinity.  In an open plan office environment, for instance, the remote will only control a particular zone and will not interfere with lights in an adjacent area.

Remote PIR 6 buttonThe remote can be customized so that if a button was programmed to, say, turn on the heating, that function would be indicated on the label.  Also, if fewer functions than 4 were required buttons would simply be eliminated from the label graphics.

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