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Meister Electrical Services Install Danlers PIR's

Meister Electrical Services has installed over 1500 Danlers ceiling flush mounted PIR Occupancy switches as well as Danlers Surface mounted PIRs in hundreds of McDonald’s Restaurants as part of a rolling plan to populate restaurants with stand-alone energy saving controls as well as energy efficient LED lighting.

At the time of testing it was calculated that an average energy cost saving of £80 per annum per PIR Occupancy switch fitted could be achieved. After a period of trials the final scheme specified the use of PIR occupancy detection in low use areas where most energy was wasted due to lights not being turned off.

Meister Electrical chose DANLERS controls because of their product reliability, quality, functionality as well as significantly saving time and money.

Danlers PIR Occupancy switches save energy by turning lights off when a room is unoccupied or the ambient light is sufficient not to require additional lighting, of which Meister Electrical Services have reported a proven success for McDonald’s restaurants as well as their other clients.



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