Mackwell Turns 40

Mackwell 40th LogoOn February the 14th, Mackwell celebrated 40 years since they were founded. 4 decades later, the company has evolved beyond all recognition and is now one of the leading providers of solutions to the global lighting market.

Following its move to private ownership in 2011, Mackwell focused on developing intelligent lighting solutions for a constantly developing and diversifying market. Products are developed by our team of UK based, passionate design engineers, who oversee the process from concept to full production, bringing state-of-the-art solutions to the market. This has allowed Mackwell to develop a large portfolio of emergency lighting solutions that offer the best in premium quality and performance. Mackwell have built a strong team of experts throughout the years that, along with their dedication, skills and support create some of the finest products on the market today

Mackwell celebratesOne of the keys to our on-going success and expansion, is our ability to continually forge business relationships and partnerships on a global scale. For many years, Mackwell has acknowledged that with constantly developing global transport networks and improved infrastructures, the world is becoming far more accessible for cross-country and intercontinental trading. Now with dedicated offices in the Middle East and Hong Kong, together with a vast distributor network, we are continually looking to cultivate new relationships and further cement our presence in new and existing markets.

Mackwell have established themselves as the go-to experts on emergency lighting and compliance and offer advice and training on all the latest emergency lighting legislation, standards and best practice, providing their clients with the tools and knowledge to deliver and maintain on-going compliance in this safety critical applications. Coupled with their design and manufacture of reliable, innovative emergency lighting components, Mackwell offers the complete l solution for all your emergency lighting requirements.

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