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Brighter, Safer Parking With New Nualight's Titan Installation

titanResidents of a popular Manchester development now enjoy brighter, safer parking with new Titan installation.

One of Manchester’s extremely popular complexes, set in a fantastic location close to universities and train stations offers an appealing village life style right in the heart of a city centre. The development is serviced by a 24 hour, 10 floor, multi-storey car park.

The car parks landlords, engaged Parking Matters, a specialist consultancy that provides innovative advice on all matters related to parking, to assess how they could realise the full potential of their facility. Parking Matters has wide experience in managing small, medium and large scale parking related projects. With expertise in parking focussed system integration, they have contacts with parking practitioners and systems suppliers throughout the world.

Keith Williams, Parking Matters, Associate Director, details, “This car park was fast approaching 15 years old, and was still fitted with the original, inefficient lighting. The power requirements were very high from the unreliable light fittings. They were costly to operate and maintain, producing poor lighting levels, which resulted in a gloomy dark environment. We immediately knew that this was one of the points we needed to address.”

“Our main aims for this project were to reduce power consumption, increase the light quality to create a safer, brighter and inviting atmosphere, and replace the fittings with as minimal disruption as possible.”

As Parking Matters had worked with Nualight on similar projects in the past, their client invited them to tender for this job. Nualight were successful as they represented the best value, providing excellent light quality and performance.

Craig Stead, Head of Sales - Global Commercial and Industrial, Nualight, elaborates “We specified the Titan fitting for the car park, as it is specifically designed to offer optimum light quality for multi-storey car parks. The controls options employed save the customer energy and costs, during unoccupied time periods. The lights only come on full power, when movement from a vehicle or pedestrian is detected. Another plus for this project was the limited disruption to the operation of the car park. We were able to utilise the existing wiring infrastructure and complete the install while the car park was operational.”

Previously the old fluorescent fittings were consuming 302 MW-h, as a result of installing over 200 Titan fittings, throughout the car park and stair wells, the power consumption has reduced by 82% to 54 MW-h. Designed occupied lighting levels for the new system are similar to the original fluorescent system when they were first installed.  However, more than 25% of the luminaires were not operating and they were dim and yellow, resulting in poor overall lighting levels and uniformity.  The LED refurbishment yields a vastly more reliable and stable lighting system giving greater and more consistent customer comfort at the same time reducing maintenance bills.

Keith continues “the light levels have improved tremendously; we were very impressed with the outcome. The lighter a car park is the safer residents feel, this is vital in a 24-hour facility such as this. furthermore, we were happy with the energy savings we were able to deliver for our client, they were very much in line with what Nualight had projected.”

Keith adds, “The switch to LED produced further benefits for this project. LED is more reliable and isn’t affected by changes in temperature.  Not only does our client gain from the energy savings but they also see a reduction in maintenance costs, no more changes of fluorescent tubes! This also adds to the safety element, as LED provides continuous light. We would recommend this type of refurbishment to other car park owners as the installation has met the objectives and the quality of the product and the installation service are both very high.”


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