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The new LED spotlight’s appearance clearly reflects the sophisticated, compact design of the VIVO luminaire range. The unique optical system has a surprise in store: its QR 111 look conceals an invisible LED light source with perfect glare control.

VALUEA High-bay reflector luminaire

The dimmable power package for industry and commerce:
efficient, durable and robust.

Recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaire The straight-ahead luminaire

Zumtobel PANOS INFINITY LED Downlight brochure

ONDARIA’s lighting effect and design speak a common language. Its continuously circular form is complemented by a concave, opal diffuser curving slightly inwards. Uniformly illuminated, it hides the contours of the lamps from view.

A discreet indirect component for ceiling illumination underlines the three dimensional effect of the luminaire.

New Lighting for Architecture and Façades Brochure from Zumtobel

In the “Light for care” brochure, Zumtobel specifies the lighting requirements of a care facility, publishes study results, and makes lighting design recommendations on the basis of reference projects.

The IYON LED spotlight range really shines when it comes to setting retail spaces centre stage: with its extremely good colour rendition and high luminous flux levels of around 1100, 2000 and 3200 lumens, this high-power LED module is a real alternative to HIT lamps.

Zumtobel Research
Improved quality of life for resident dementia patients: St. Katharina research project in Vienna
By: Charlotte A. Sust, Peter Dehoff, Dieter Lang, Dieter Lorenz

This Specification Book 3 defines the interfaces between a type D non-socketable LLE with separate control gear and a luminaire. It is a round disc shape of 7.2mm maximum height and 50mm typical diameter. It allows for various Light emitting surface dimensions categorized as LES 9, LED 13.5, LES 19 & LES 23mm (diameter round).

Wila LED PUCK Catalogue: A lighting solution for handrails

All Verbatim LED lamps produce a comforting warm light. They have modern, yet timeless designs and provide a direct
replacement of classic incandescent or halogen lamps incorporating popular bases including E27, E14, GU5.3 and GU10.

Trilux Belviso LED and T5 Luminaire Brochure

With our OLED product portfolio we offer you the perfect combination of new light technology and an innovative integration solution for your application – you will find the right functionality for every requirement.

Thorn Lighting SensaModular is a portfolio of lighting control products designed for single room applications. The ‘modular’ concept allows customers to build-up a set of components tailored specifically to their needs.

Compact, unobtrusive HIT and LED display lighting

The all-new PopPack Pro is poised to change how contractors view fluorescent lighting. PopPack Pro is 'Faster, Simpler and Better' than it's predecessor and it’s competitors. 'Faster' fixing, 'Simpler' installation and 'Better' performance just to name a few. All in addition to T5, T8 and even 55w compact fluorescent TCL lamps and a wider range of attachments for commercial and industrial requirements.

Menlo³ fully embodies Thorn’s PEC approach to office lighting, marrying user comfort and performance with scheme efficiency. Sophisticated materials and optical design make building efficiency targets easy to achieve, enabling designers to focus on personal and environmental factors that affect employees.

menlo3Thorn Lighting Menlo3 advert

Menlo³ is our powerful new range of modular fluorescent luminaires designed to meet the challenges of modern office lighting design with style and imagination.

The 11.5W Base LED Junior gives ten times the life yet saves 75% of the power used by 50W halogen lamps

It is specially designed for small-scale downlighting jobs, particularly where long-burning hours are needed, and is ideal for commercial, educational or hospitality lighting where low operating costs are important.

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