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Mackwell’s ELEDD MIDI Enables The Conversion Of General LED Lighting For Emergency Operation

eledd midi 200Mackwell, a leading provider of technology solutions for the global lighting industry, has launched a new compact emergency LED driver in Standard and DALI AutoTest® versions to enable the conversion of general LED lighting solutions for integrated emergency function.

The ELEDD MIDI system is available in two model types; ELEDD MIDI 55 and ELEDD MIDI 200.  ELEDD MIDI 55 can drive DC loads ranging from 6 to 55 V, the output being SELV compliant.  ELEDD MIDI 200 can drive DC or AC loads ranging between 50 to 200 V with full-pole isolation of the output provided by an incorporated changeover relay.  Both models have built-in adaptability that automatically senses and adjusts the output of the emergency driver according to optimal current level for rated duration and for efficient matching of voltage to the load.

ELEDD MIDI 55 and ELEDD MIDI 200 come in two enclosure styles: a compact enclosure to provide a smaller footprint for built-in applications and an articulated enclosure suitable for independent mounting that houses both the emergency driver and battery.

Compatible with leading brands of LED drivers, ELEDD MIDI is available with either NiCd or NiMH battery types and a choice of 1 or 3 hour rated emergency duration.  Other features include SmartChargeTM technology for NiMH battery type and options for manual test switch facility and DALI AutoTest® - DALI functionality allowing networked testing and monitoring of the emergency lighting system either on-site or via an internet connection to cover the monitoring of multiple sites.


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