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Mackwell’s N-Light System Enhances And Safeguards Control For Emergency Testing

n light connectMackwell’s N-Light CONNECT is an intuitive DALI emergency test and monitoring system that provides the ultimate control over emergency lighting.  

Along with the company’s N-Light EC panel designed specifically for Smart Building applications, the N-Light family provides simple and effective monitoring of emergency lighting systems.

N-Light CONNECT uses a Graphic User Interface touch-screen that gives live system status that can very easily identify any emergency luminaires that have failed an automatic test and of the maintenance action required. Each touch-screen panel can monitor up to 128 DALI emergency devices, which can be configured via the N-Light configuration software to support automatic testing schedules for up to 16 separate DALI groups. For larger installations, the panel incorporates an Ethernet port allowing multiple panels to be networked to a central monitoring PC.

N-Light EC provides the core operating platform and features of N-Light CONNECT in a format tailored for integration into Smart Building lighting control systems,  In common with general lighting operating on smart building platforms, no line voltage is necessary as all end devices are powered by and communicate via standard category cable.

n light appNew to the range is Mackwell’s Configurator 1.5, an engineering software tool that has recently been updated and has been specifically designed for both the N-light CONNECT and N-light EC panels.  The system provides commissioning, reporting and the upgrading of systems managed by accredited engineers and end users.  Recent updates to Configurator include a number of enhancements, one of which is panel screen updates for easy ‘at a glance’ status information for engineers monitoring the systems.  For peace of mind, additional security features ensure that N-Light CONNECT or N-Light EC panels may only be connected to a pre-registered monitoring PC. If a connected computer is intended for access by an end user, permissions may also be set up quite simply to restrict access to functions that could change the overall system settings.

A ‘search IP’ facility has been added, meaning that a known IP address can be directly searched and added to the panel list, thus allowing broadcast commands to be used across the network.  A new auto-email function allows the collation of all reports on the first day of the month, from selected panels from the previous 30-day reporting period. These are sent directly to the nominated recipients email with PDF attachments.

For sites that have adopted building management software from another supplier yet require N-Light software to be synced, there is an External Management & BMS function. This allows third party software to extract information in order to display current status of panels and overall system information.
Mackwell’s enhanced Configurator software, along with the N-Light systems, has been specifically designed to work alongside all the Mackwell portfolio of emergency lighting products to create a safe and compliant system that is future proof, versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications.


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