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Lighting Controls Eliminates Commissioning On CAT A installations

area controllerLighting Controls’ new Area Controller comes with new test features, allowing a lighting control network to be checked before commissioning.

In other words, the integrity of the installation can be checked when the network wiring is completed, and the lighting system fully working. All DALI strings are also tested. With this new and innovative protocol the building lighting is functional before a CAT B fit out but without
commissioning costs.

area controller buttonsThe area controller has four buttons: Two to check that the lamps dim and brighten; one button to start the Test function; and, one button to cancel the Test function. Pushing the Test button causes the lights to go OFF either for 20 minutes or until the Cancel button is pushed.

After installation of the new area controller and other components using the new protocol, all lights connected to the area controller are ON when activated by any PIR in the system. All luminaires remain ON until 30 minutes after any PIR has ceased to sense motion.

The development of this new protocol is the latest in a line of new products that reduces installation and maintenance costs while maximising reliability and flexibility.


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