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Tridonic’s New Constant Current Driver Range Offers More Versatility

Tridonic driverTridonic has introduced a highly flexible, compact driver range incorporating 5 pre-adjustable output currents suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Combined with the range of the SLE LED spotlight modules, the new driver is perfect for architectural lighting and illumination of retail spaces.

The flexC SC ADVANCED constant current drivers are available in 5 wattages, each with a choice of five output currents ranging from 350 mA to 1,400 mA. Thus, the new drivers are suitable for all standard currents in spotlights and downlights.

The output currents can be selected by simply inserting an ADVANCED plug. In order to avoid connection errors, the plugs are colour-coded to indicate their Ω values. Moreover, a plug can be inserted in the driver quickly and safely, as compared to the miniature rotary switches usually found in drivers – the required current can be selected easily and safely using pre-defined mA increments.

Most applications in the field run within an output range between 350 mA and 1,050 mA. Within this range, the flexC SC ADVANCED drivers come with a new compact housing size of 97 x 43 x 30 mm to match the miniaturisation of spotlights and downlights. They are perfectly suited for small track boxes and unobtrusive spotlight design. Additional click-on strain relief devices turn the drivers into independent Class II drivers for recessed downlights that can be adjusted to the most diverse applications. With just one SLE module, lumen packages between 2,000 and 5,000 lm can be achieved with three driver wattages.

With a low ripple current of +/- 5 per cent, neither visible flickering nor stroboscopic effects will occur. The driver/module system ensures constant lumen output and uniform colour temperature in lighting applications throughout the luminaire’s service life.

The drivers achieve an efficiency of 88 percent built-in protective functions such as temperature monitoring and temperature management, overload and overvoltage protection as well as short-circuit and no-load protection ensure safe operation of the luminaire modules.


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