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Bespoke light switchesWith the advent of interior design programming, and more recently, the arrival of home interest blogs and social media style experts, customers are more aware of design than ever before - down to the finest detail.

Therefore, although they may be small in size, light switches, dimmers and socket outlets should play a bigger role when designing or refurbishing customer facing areas. Here, Emma Segelov, head of marketing at MK Electric, a Honeywell company, discusses how switches, dimmers and sockets have evolved from the humble ‘white box’ to become accessories with touch-based control and luxury finishes.

When it comes to creating a welcoming environment for customers, every aspect matters. In recent years, there has been a quiet rebellion against the one-size-fits-all offer, from the rise of craft beers, to a growing demand for quirky, bespoke interiors.
For savvy innkeepers and managers, this means taking an in-depth look at each facet of their interior design, and how it can be individualised to create a unique setting for visitors.

Whilst overarching features such as colour schemes are vital to this, it’s just as important to ensure the finer details make a statement of their own, and that includes the switches and other wiring accessories.

While the traditional white boxes have gradually evolved into sleeker, stainless steel and chrome options, there are still some who want a more tailored design to match their interior. Due to this, there are now more sophisticated products with unique and luxurious finishes on the market. The wide choice offered by manufacturers such as MK Electric via their Elements Collection means that switches and dimmers can now blend seamlessly into their surroundings, regardless of room style. Indeed, they can also be selected to stand out as a focal point in their own right.

With 16 standard finishes in four material groups - from natural materials such as wood and leather, to glass effect, metallics and synthetics, there is something for any style. Outside of the standard selection, there is a huge range of additional finishes and materials to choose from, and you can even create your own to enhance any interior via the MK Design Service, which provides the ultimate flexibility for tailor-made designs to any requirement.

The online MK Elements Design Tool has also opened up opportunities for innkeepers to personalise their lighting accessories, and show guests that they have really thought about the hospitality experience on offer. For example, tablet and PC users can explore the flexibility of the MK Elements Collection, and design their own customised light switches, dimmers and electrical sockets for an end product that is truly unique. After saving their creations, they can then create project shopping lists, request quotes and samples, and save images of bespoke and standard products.

The explosion of smartphones and tablets has also driven a demand for touch-based technology for all electronics, as consumers seek the familiar, tactile motion that replicates how they interact with their cherished mobile devices. The traditional on/off movement is no more: now end users can tap, slide and swipe to control lighting levels. Aside from impressing guests with the latest technology and creating a certain wow factor, touch-based dimmers with LED displays, such as those from MK Electric’s Elements range, have a practical advantage too; guests who have booked accommodation can turn on their light easily if they arrive in the middle of the night.

This same trend towards mobile devices means that more and more people want access to power to charge their mobile devices and avoid a flat battery. For innkeepers, this means that socket outlets are far more likely to be noticed than in times gone by. It is also worth considering USB sockets for this very purpose, as they alleviate the need for customers to carry a bulky charger for an overnight stay or evening out. With USB sockets, innkeepers and hoteliers themselves no longer need to consider stocking a variety of chargers for mobile devices.

As customers become more discerning about design, it makes sense to bring a touch of individuality and high-tech luxury to every inch of an interior. With bespoke switches, dimmers and sockets available to suit every interior style, innkeepers and managers can create a unique environment and deliver an unforgettable experience to their guests.

Innovative, iconic and inspiring, the Elements Collection is the perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality. For further information please visit


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