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Shedding Light Where It’s Really Needed – The mylight Closet Light

mylightClosetLightCloset light is the latest product in the innovative LED lighting range from mylight, an E3 Light Group company, which creates stylish, practical and energy saving lighting solutions for the home.

Closet light is an LED strip light that contains a smart, energy saving motion sensor that can detect both light and movement, ensuring that the light will only switch on when required, in the absence of strong daylight or any other lighting source. This makes closet light the perfect energy saving lighting solution for a wardrobe, hall cupboard or any tucked away space that needs illumination as required by the user.

The mylight closet light is simple and quick to install without the use of tools and is supplied with a light and movement sensor, a 3 metre (10 foot) LED strip, power supply and cable clips to ensure that wires are neatly hidden away from view.


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