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Thorn’s Next Generation Office Luminaire IQ Wave

ThornIQ WaveThorn’s next generation office luminaire IQ Wave is a smart recessed LED luminaire focusing on intelligent controls, optics, design and installation. Great lighting quality, high user comfort and a communicative working environment are guaranteed.

A lightweight recessed luminaire for exposed T, plasterboard and concealed grid systems featuring Thorn’s unique MV-Tech light optic and a highly reflective back, IQ Wave creates a smooth, homogenous illuminance with no visible LED. Low glare (UGR 19, <3 000 CD/m2 at 65°) ensures a comfortable ambient light while high efficacy (>100Llm/W) achieves significant energy savings in comparison to traditional light sources.

Distinctly different to flat panels, IQ Wave benefits from a modern wave design and the flexibility of several installation options. These include recessed in exposed and concealed grid systems as well as plasterboard. Hassle-free levelling into all compatible ceilings ensures ease of installation and Thorn’s new Red Flag allows easy access to pull up the set from below the ceiling, negating the need to remove the optics and allowing for a more secure fixing to the ceiling.

IQ Wave is available with a range of control systems which allow for daylight, presence and absence detection using PIR and microwave sensors. IQ Wave is also available with radio frequency (RF) control options facilitating corridor function, ideal for retro fit solutions. These control options give users easy access to personal lighting control for enhanced comfort, convenience and energy savings.

IQ Wave offers a choice of light outputs (3 100 and 4 100 lumens), sizes (597x597mm and 622x622mm) and colour temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 6500K), colour rendition of CRI>80 and a lifetime of 50 000 hours @ L90 Ta 25°C including high efficiency at 103 Llm/W.

IQ Wave has simple and flowing lines with a highly reflective steel coffer that create a modern, yet simplistic aesthetic perfect for a modern, elegant office interior.


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