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In-track Drivers From Tridonic

TridonicIntrackdriverTridonic is continuing with the miniaturisation of its control gear with the launch of in-track drivers in the advanced and excite (ADV/EXC) series.

The drivers have an output power of 25 or 40 W and are integrated directly in the adapter for the 230 V track systems so there is no longer any need for a trackbox.

The new in-track drivers show their strengths when used for retail applications as well as art galleries, museums and restaurants. The compact design enables them to be installed directly in an adapter (available in black or white) which can be hidden in a 230 V track system to save space. The conspicuous trackbox that was previously required is now superfluous. This opens up design options in which technology can take a backseat in favour of more subtle designs for the luminaires.

Flexible combinations with LED spotlight modules
Thanks to the wide operating window of 350 to 600 mA for devices with an output power of 25 W and 500 to 1050 mA for devices with an output power of 40 W, the in-track drivers can be combined with numerous LED spotlight modules. On drivers in the advanced series, the relevant output currents can be easily set in 25 mA increments via an I-SELECT 2 plug. Drivers in the excite series can be set in 1 mA increments via NFC (Near Field Communication). With NFC multiprogramming and the in-house companionSUITE software, up to 10 packaging units can be programmed in a single step. This speeds up the configuration process in production, lowers costs and reduces the error rate. The output current can be easily changed at any time via NFC.

The in-track drivers offer excellent performance with more than 85 percent efficiency at a favourable price-performance ratio. They are compatible with the Global Trac PRO and Global Trac PULSE track systems from Nordic Aluminium, as well as with OneTrack from Stucchi.


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