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Game Changing Lighting Product For Educational Buildings

Broadlighter Elite AcousticTeachers and lecturers need the optimal environment to teach in. Schools and universities have limited budgets with which to provide that ideal situation.

Architects require solutions to neatly house a variety of facilities such as air conditioning, cabling and lighting controls. Building Engineer Consultants need products to specify which satisfy all these requirements. In response to this obvious demand, Luxonic have designed the optimal solution.

The advent of school premises built using high thermal mass exposed materials lead to the removal of false ceilings and the subsequent need to find a different method of acoustic treatment and lighting for classrooms. Acoustic lighting rafts have been in existence for this very purpose for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the cost implication and considerable amount of equipment required to meet regulations has to date been far from ideal.

Since 1986, Luxonic’s passion for designing and manufacturing energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing lighting products has seen the company deliver their portfolio of lighting and controls solutions to some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Proud to bear the ‘Made in Britain’ marque, Luxonic are a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier who embrace sustainability, energy saving and LEAN Manufacturing.

Luxonic’s many completed education projects include Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Nottingham’s GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory. After supplying acoustic rafts on many school projects, Luxonic re-evaluated lighting and other service requirements to see if an optimal solution could feasibly be designed. The Luxonic design team challenged themselves to create the ultimate acoustic suspended lighting system.

The result of a long design and testing process, is Luxonic’s new game changing product, the BROADLIGHTER® ACOUSTIC. This new product can meet BB93 requirements in a classroom with two rows of acoustic rafts (6 luminaires), rather than the traditional three rows of acoustic rafts (9 luminaires). There are no extra metal infills required, or acoustic panels which need to be wall-mounted, therefore reducing installation time and project costs. Luxonic believe the BROADLIGHTER® ACOUSTIC achieves considerably superior lighting and acoustics performance when compared to rival products.

Luxonic Managing Director, Nick Tavare, remarked “We are very proud to be a leader in lighting design, launching a game changing product rather than following the pack. The high quality of professional players involved in this project will ensure customers receive an extremely high-quality product with impressive performance while achieving lower project costs.”

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