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Dialight Launches Lighting and Design Resource Centre

Dialight has unveiled the Lighting and Design Resource Center, a cutting-edge lighting layout software offering photometric files on a wide range of industrial and hazardous LED fixtures.

With this launch, anyone will be able to quickly generate thorough lighting layouts and reports through an easy-to-use application offered at no charge.

Powered by the DIALux lighting layout engine, Dialight’s Lighting and Design Resource Center utilizes a central database of photometric files that is continuously updated for newly released products and changes to existing products. With this software, users are able to quickly evaluate how Dialight’s LED fixtures will perform in their application compared to traditional HID fixtures.

The new lighting layout center offers three dynamic tools – Dialight Pro, Dialight Lite and Dialight’s Catalog – that present an array of benefits.

Dialight Pro is a full-feature 3D capable lighting layout software that allows the user to create dynamic rooms with built in objects and textures while comparing multiple fixtures to produce comprehensive reports. Dialight Lite is a quick and easy solution to deliver basic room evaluations while producing quality results. With this version, users are able to evaluate a single fixture in a simple square or L-shaped room and can make adjustments to lamp lumen depreciation, reflectance and workplane height – all free of charge.

Both Dialight Pro and Dialight Lite work hand in hand with Dialight’s Catalog, providing the quickest way to search, find and export the most current photometric files. Users can search the catalog based on variety of categories – product type, lumen output, certifications or color temperature – and can export the IES files either to their desktop or directly into a Dialight Pro or Dialight Lite project.

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