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Tridonic Launches CPD Programme Focussing On Lighting Technology, Its Uses And Associated Legislation

CIBSE cpdTridonic, a leader in the provision of lighting control and technology, has announced the launch of its CPD programme.

The scheme, which currently consists of six separate modules has been certified by CIBSE and is designed to help both CIBSE members and other specifiers and architects keep up to date with the latest developments in lighting technology, its use and associated legislation.

Simon Blazey, who is in charge of Strategic Business Development at Tridonic, explains more; "Lighting technology is changing rapidly at the moment and it is not always easy for specifiers and architects to keep abreast of these changes.  By offering our OEMs and their customers access to these modules we hope to be help to simplify some of the hot topics that exist in the industry and highlight how the latest lighting solutions can help with issues including energy saving, staff performance and patient wellbeing.

The first six modules of the programme are:
•    Emergency lighting - an overview of using fluorescent and LED light sources and associated control gear, with particular reference to EN 1838.

•    LED Module technology - the shift to LED technology, an explanation of the various options, thermal behaviour and handling precautions

•    LED Driver technology - LED drivers and dimming control methods, and driver selection.

•    Human Centric lighting - an introduction to circadian rhythms and how they influence human behaviour and how tunable light can be used to improve performance and wellbeing.

•    Digital Lighting control - an introduction to DALI and DSI, their characteristics and limitations.  

•    LED Lifetime and Lumen maintenance - information on the need for lumen depreciation and testing, including LM-80 and extrapolation according to TM21.

Understanding the pressures on individuals to meet their annual requirements for CPD training, Tridonic is able to deliver each of these modules in approximately one hour.  This makes them ideal for companies to offer at either the start or end of the day or during the lunch hour.  

For more information or to book attendance at a CPD session companies and individuals should contact Simon Blazey, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Telephone 07970 816591.

* All modules certified by CIBSE


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