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New Version of the Megaman LuxMeter App is Now Available on the App Store!

Megaman appMEGAMAN® have now launched a new version of the MEGAMAN® LuxMeter iPhone app. The MEGAMAN® LuxMeter is a free tool to measure the brightness level of the environment and gain appropriate lighting suggestions with relevant product tips that meet the need and alleviate the urgent challenges of the lighting plan.

The app has been in use for over a year, and more than 51,000 downloads and almost 20,000 updates have been made since the app was launched.

The new update improves the user experience and includes significant improvements:

•    The Lamp Finder has been simplified to allow users to obtain eco-replacement bulbs more directly

•    LED recommendations have been updated to provide energy-efficient solutions with higher lumen per watt, meaning users can enjoy a lumen performance similar to traditional light sources while lowering energy consumption

•    MEGAMAN® Concept Stores have been updated to provide users with information on convenient stores worldwide, including the newest

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